The mill life by Robic Upadhayay

30 September 2020

THE MILL OF LIFE: If these were normal times, the markets all over Nepal would be bustling with activity. Dasain, the Hindu festival, which is just around the corner, gives the Nepali economy the yearly boost. Almost a third of the yearly consumption in Nepal occurs during this time, which puts production and distribution in […]

Compelled to leave by Madhuri Mahato

29 September 2020

COMPELLED TO LEAVE: Savir Mian Dhovi, 24, of Bhauratar, Parsa, had left for Malaysia a year ago to work in a bottle factory. When the world started shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his company had to close and they let him go. Dhovi was stuck in Malaysia for five months when he could […]


28 September 2020

On 9 August, Budhiganga River swelled and swept away the Bailey bridge, and five other suspension bridges. For a month, Bajura, some 950 KM from Kathmandu has been cut off from the district headquarters, Martadi. The flood swept away houses, farmlands, cattle, which has added to the challenges of the community, already grappling with the […]

Tearsheets of PC Grantees works published on different national media platforms

26 September 2020

@Nepalphotoproject is thrilled to collaborate with Nepali & English-language news media. Please check out stories produced by @photocircle_np 2020 grantees. Here we share some of the #tearsheets of stories that were published in the past few months. @nepalitimes @himalkhabar #deshsanchar @pahilopost #pahichan @the_record_ @eastern_keen @rakeshsenior @sikuma_rhiannon @sabrinadangol @aerawbic @kishor.maharjan @purnimashahi572020 @mmhisimmy @bunudhungana @tri3pty @mikaness @nishastoryteller […]

Birgunj’s food bank by Madhuri Mahato

25 September 2020

BIRGUNJ’S FOOD BANK: Rajesh Man Singh, 46, is a Birgunj-based businessman and a social worker. Whenever a disaster strikes, he gets busy providing relief to the people. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he understood that the daily wage earners, the homeless and the poor would be hit hard. “One day, not long after the first […]


24 September 2020

Roji Maharjan, 25, did not have a fixed daily routine before the COVID-19 lockdown was first imposed. Maharjan is a psycho-social counsellor and researcher. As lockdown continued she worked from home but soon realized she needed to reorganize her life. “I needed a separation from professional time and personal time,” says Maharjan. Maharjan began doing […]

Shattered dreams by Madhuri Mahato

23 September 2020

SHATTERED DREAMS: Kishori Raut Kurmi, 65, of Bishrampur, Parsa has a family of seven. He lives in a small house with a thatched hay roof. Four years ago his son Mukesh, 39, left to go to Saudi Arabia, where he would get a job and support his family. He borrowed Rs 1,50,000 from someone from […]

The porter mules by Kishor Maharjan

22 September 2020

THE PORTER MULES: Dhana Bahadur Katel, 36, used to be a carpenter but he was struggling to support his family of 11. Five years ago he bought four mules and has been using them to transport goods for people. “Work is difficult; whether in Nepal or in any foreign land, but at least here I […]

Waiting to leave by Madhuri Mahato

21 September 2020

WAITING TO LEAVE: Ali Akhtar Mian, 46, returned home to Parsa from Qatar on a break in February. He has been working there in a glass factory for eight years. Mian was hoping to spend a few weeks and then fly back to resume his work but has been stuck here for the last seven […]

The rickshaw driver by Robic Upadhyaya

20 September 2020

THE RICKSHAW DRIVER: Gopal Bishwakarma, 65, used to make a decent living from driving his rickshaw around the narrow streets and alleys of Kathmandu. Foreigners and Nepalis would take a tour around the city. He tried doing other things for a while—he sold vegetables and even worked as a porter but they were not for […]