Sixty-Five and on Duty by Sikuma Rai

SIXTY-FIVE AND ON DUTY: Subhash Chandra Silwal retired at 60 from the medical profession five years ago. He tried poultry farming, but it did not work out so he started working at the Laligurans Hospital in Talchikhel as a lab technician.

He lives with his family in Lele, Lalitpur, some 20 KM from Kathmandu’s centre. Despite the pandemic, and concern that people from his age-group are vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, Silwal continues to work at the hospital. His laboratory does not test for COVID-19 and the hospital is also not taking any coronavirus cases at the moment.

Silwal is also an actor and stars in a Nepali television series. Work had resumed when the government lifted the nation-wide lockdown in July, but that has been put on hold again. Silwal shared a day in his life during the pandemic for @nepalphotoproject

Multimedia and Text: Sikuma Rai @sikuma_rhiannon

Edit: Mallika Aryal @mikaness

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