Eviction Notice by Robic Upadhayay

Photo: Robic Upadhayay/

EVICTION NOTICE: Sita Tharu, 23, paid Rs. 5000 to hire a jeep in early August, and made her way back from Bansghari, Bardiya back to Kathmandu where she works as a daily wage earner. When she arrived at her rented house in Dallu, Kathmandu, the landlord refused to let her back. “The landlord and our neighbors started behaving like we were criminals because we had returned from the Tarai recently, “ says Sita, “They threatened to call the police if we tried to enter our house and demanded a negative coronavirus PCR test.”

Today Sita woke up early to make her way to the Teku Hospital in Kathmandu and has been queuing up since 4 AM to get tested for COVID-19. Nine hours later, at 1 PM, they called her name and took her swabs. After this ordeal today, Sita still has to wait another three days to get the test results.

Photos and Text: Robic Upadhayay @aerawbic

Edit: Mallika Aryal @mikaness

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