Dateline Jhapa – III by Parwat Portel

Photo: Parwat Portel/

DATELINE JHAPA: “Everyone is panicking after our neighbour’s 15-year-old son got infected with the coronavirus. This is the first case of community transmission in the district. The municipality has been doing mass PCR tests. One person from each household is being tested, so I got tested. I tested negative, so I am relieved. The market is closed due to infection and people are not allowed to meet in large crowds. Why won’t the municipality test everyone so we don’t have to live in this fear?”
Dhruba Kanal, 50

The number of reported coronavirus cases reached 430 in Jhapa, with 100 cases in Mechinagar alone this weekend. The local government imposed a second round of lockdowns in Mechinagar until 19 August. Other towns in Jhapa including Birtamod, Dhulabari and Arjundhara are also under prohibitory orders. There is one isolation centre with 22 beds in Jhapa, which is up to capacity.

Text and Photos:Parwat Portel @photo.kvt7

Edit: Mallika Aryal @mikaness

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