Dateline Birgunj – I by Madhuri Mahato

Photo: Madhuri Mahato/

“If the government had thought this through, we would not have been in this situation again. I am scared. Entire Nepal is open, but Birgunj is under curfew. There is news of new infections every day. How do we survive when everything is closed? What do we eat? We should have been careful. We did not understand that just because the lockdown has been lifted does not mean the pandemic is over. We stopped washing our hands, we stopped using masks, we stopped socially distancing. We got complacent. They say they are testing in each community. When will poor people like us get tested?

-Bhagawati Paudel, Birgunj

Text and Photos: Madhuri Mahato @mmhisimmy

Edit: Mallika Aryal @mikaness

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