Masterclass with Jodi Bieber

World known photographer Jodi Bieber will be working in this unique master class with participants from Nepal and Finland. This 10-day master class is being organized by the Finnish Press Photographers Association and Photo Raw Magazine in co-operation with

The goal of this 10-days workshop is to create an in-depth photo essay about a particular theme. The themes can relate to the current political situation and human rights for example; the remains of a kingdom, gay and gender issues, Nepal film industry, interreligious life, drug and alcohol addiction, the rising mall culture in Kathmandu and politically active muscle groups. Participants will finalize themes along with the organizers and NayanTara from

Each photographer will work on his/her own photo essay. Participants will work in pairs: one Nepalese and one Finnish photographer together. This is a great opportunity for culture exchange and sharing knowhow.

Participants of the workshop will consult the progress of their work with Jodi Bieber whose work focuses on human conditions. She has won 8 World Press awards, a 1st Place in Picture of the Year International 2009 and received numerous other accolades.

The workshop will include working in the field, photo-projections, group discussions, dinners etc. Participants will spend a part of their time photographing in Kathmandu or its surroundings.

The workshop will be digital, so knowledge of digital cameras and editing programs is required of every participant. You have to have your own camera gear and laptop. Every participant should be able to communicate in English. Participants should be able to commit 10 full days for this master class since it includes field work, discussions and sharing.

Anjali Maharjan
Bijay Gajmer
Dhruba Ale
Narendra Mainali
Prasiit Sthapit
Sikhar Bhattarai
Uma Bista

Kimmo Räisänen
Patrik Rastenberg
Joonas Brandt
Kaisa Rautaheimo
Katja Tähjä
Tommi Anttonen
Sami Kero

Hannamari Shakya will be directing this workshop. She has done documentary films and reportages about Nepal, mostly about human rights. She is also the editor in chief of Photo Raw Magazine. Sharad Shakya is the coordinator and translator of this workshop.

In conversation with Jodi Bieber (Republica, 14 October 2010)
Bieber fever (The Kathmandu Post, 1 December 2010)
Life in pix (The Himalayan Times, 2 December 2010)


Photo: Uma Bista


Photo: Uma Bista