International Storytelling Workshop 2021 – Online Edition

Photo: Kishor Maharjan, 2019

We’re pleased to announce our upcoming annual International Storytelling Workshop 2020, for advanced level photography and photojournalism students/professionals. Working photographers/photojournalists in the early stages of their career (less than 5 years of professional experience) are also welcome to apply. This exchange program is organized in collaboration with the Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, and Pathshala South Asian Media Academy, Bangladesh.


This workshop is a rare opportunity for young Nepali photographers and photojournalists. It opens up a unique space for one to learn and practice as a young professional under a valued mentorship. The program consists of a pre-course, a start-up workshop, month-long fieldwork based in Nepal, and the final editing workshop. Participants will be expected to commit full-time and should expect to produce an in-depth photo project at the completion of the workshop.
This time due to the given circumstances, classes will be held online. Selected 4 Nepali participants will be working alongside other fellow students and mentors from Norway and Bangladesh.


Dec 31, Thursday: Application deadline
Jan 6, Tuesday: Announcement of the selected participants
Jan 17 Sunday – 21 Thursday: Pre Course.
Feb 15 Monday – 19 Friday: Main workshop with Ian Teh
Feb 22 Monday – Mar 12 Friday: Fieldwork in Nepal
Mar 15 Monday – 19 Friday: Editing Workshop with Munem Wasif

* Participants selected for this workshop will be provided with a modest stipend that should be able to cover their internet bill, local accommodation, meals, and local transport especially for the period of their fieldwork.
* Participants will be required to own their own DSLR cameras, laptops, and all other necessary equipment.
* Participants must have a reliable internet connection.
* Participants will be required to bear their own subsidiary expenses eg; translators, extra travel, etc.

* Develop storytelling and reportage skills for newspapers, magazines, the internet, and other media.
* Learn how to work as a photographer/photojournalist in a more professional manner.
* Learn about one’s own country in a more enriched way, its culture, religion, history, globalization, development theory, and methods of fieldwork.
* Learn how to reflect, analyze, and edit one’s own and other’s work.


The workshop will include lectures, individual assignments, group work, group reviews, independent study, fieldwork, and editing.
* PRE-COURSE: The pre-course in Kathmandu will include lectures and discussions about developing story ideas and working methodologies. Participants will begin researching their story ideas and establishing contacts. At the completion of the pre-course, participants will be required to submit their story ideas and work plan in English. During this course, the class will meet their fellow participants from Oslo Metropolitan University and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute during multiple alumni presentations.
* MAIN WORKSHOP: The workshop will be an intensive five-day exercise where participants will get a thorough introduction to storytelling, discuss different styles, and shoot a variety of assignments. The workshop will take place in Zoom along with Norwegian & Bangladeshi Students. The tutor for this workshop will be acclaimed photographer Ian Teh.
* FIELDWORK: The fieldwork period is when the participants will shoot and produce their stories independently. Participants can either stay in Kathmandu or travel to different parts of Nepal keeping in mind health and safety measures during this time of Pandemic.
* EDITING WORKSHOP: The editing workshop consists of group and individual sessions where participants will edit their final story. This workshop will take place at Zoom. Munem Wasif will be the mentor for this workshop.

At the completion of this fantastic experience, participants will have to submit their completed projects to, along with a written report. Participants will retain copyrights to their work. and project partners may publish/exhibit/share works produced.

Note: Applicants for this exchange program have to Nepali citizens.

* Submit this google application form.
* Updated CV
* A short bio.
* A portfolio of 15-20 images that demonstrates your storytelling abilities (single images will not be accepted). Files should be 1000px on the longest side, 72 dpi, named as LASTNAME_01.jpg.

Once you submit the google application form, please email us your CV, a short (50-100 words) bio, and your portfolio to
Application deadline – Thursday Midnight, 31 December 2020.

For questions/concerns/confusions regarding the program and its application procedures, please do not hesitate to contact:

Sagar Chhetri /