Hola amigos+++

Happy early June!

We are pleased to let you know that we are reviving our monthly presentations. As some of you might remember, these monthly events were the beginnings of as a platform for photography and photographers in Nepal. So on the first Saturday of every English month, we promise you new visual treats and networking opportunities again. If any of you are interested to share work with a ‘live’ audience, please do let us know!

To kick things off, it gives us great pleasure to invite you to a Nepal-Spain cultural criss-cross this Saturday.

Presenting their works will be Nepali photographer ROHAN THAPA who is currently based in Valencia, and Spanish photographer ARANTXA CEDILLO who is currently based in Kathmandu.

Please do join us!

9.45 AM

Hasta pronto!

Spanish photographer Arantxa Cedillo talking about if it's possible to make story out of single image. Photo: Shikhar Bhattarai


Photographer Rohan Thapa shares his thoughts on difference between photographing in Nepal and Spain.


Writer Pranab Man Singh and photographer Sailendra Kharel were the critics for the event.