People in Between

A presentation and talk by Sri Lankan photographer Gemunu Amarasinghe who’s exhibition “PEOPLE IN BETWEEN” is currently showing at the Shanti Sangralaya at the Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya. Kunda Dixit, convener of the Shanti Sangralaya will also join us for the talk.

“PEOPLE IN BETWEEN”, the photo exhibition by Sri Lankan photographer Gemunu Amarasinghe documents the horrors of the brutal civil war in Sri Lanka, which raged for close to three decades, killing thousands and leaving a legacy of violence and destruction in the island nation. The pictures are arranged in the same hall that houses a permanent exhibit of Nepal’s own war pictures, ‘A People War’. The two exhibitions serve as a poignant reminder of how wars, irrespective of where they are fought, tear through the social fabric of society, causing wounds that are not easily healed.

The presentation and talk will be followed by a guided tour of the exhibit at the Shanti Sangralaya.

People In Between

Kunda Dixit, publisher of Nepali Times and visionary of A People War trilogy of books with Sri Lankan photographer Gemunu Amarasinghe at the latter's presentation of People In Between at Yalamaya Kendra on Jan 8th.

People In Between

A People War and People In Between on exhibit at Shanti Sangralaya, Patan Dhoka.