Nepal Picture Library at Chobi Mela

Juju Bhai Dhakhwa Collection/Nepal Picture Library

Juju Bhai Dhakhwa Collection/Nepal Picture Library, Nepal and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Bangladesh, have worked very closely over the past few years to create an exchange of information, knowledge and work between the two countries and photography has acted as the bridge for it. The result shows greatly in Chobi Mela VIII, as Nepal’s participation is bigger than ever in 2015. Nepal will be represented in the festival with a contingency of more than 10 photographers. And they have every reason to celebrate.

Nepal Picture Library, a initiative formed in 2010 as a digital archive to build a collective body of Nepal’s photographic history, has its own place in Chobi Mela VIII. Nepal Picture Library is the only exhibition among all the 33 shows that doesn’t just represent an artist and his/her reflections on a particular concept; it aims to represent a whole nation’s journey and experience with photography, across a wide range of demographics. More interestingly, the work will be paired with Bangladesh’s history and placed fittingly in the library of the Northbrooke Hall, Old Dhaka. And if a whole spot rightfully dedicated to Nepal wasn’t enough, Chobi Mela has booked a spot for Kevin Bubriski’s Portrait of Nepal. Bubriski’s documentation of Nepal’s regions and people has won its place in various permanent museum collections, and the next stop for the work is Bangladesh’s national cultural centre, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy via Chobi Mela VIII.

Nepal’s participation goes beyond installed shows.NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati, co founder of and Nepal Picture Library, will present a curated slideshow as a part of the festivities of Chobi Mela. Her slideshow,Representations of Nepal, is scheduled to be presented at the Goethe Insitut on Jan 27, 2015. Later on the same day, Nepalese photographer Kishor K Sharma will be featured in Confluence- Curated Slideshow by Sohrab Hura & Francoise Cailler, again in Goethe Institut.

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