All This Weight

We invite you to the opening of All This Weight, a group exhibition by 10 participants of Visual Thinking & Making 2023, at Patan House.

The group began to build their individual works with one binding question – What is weighing on your heart, the story necessary to be told? The result were stories of the body, forests, society, relationships, chance, intimacy, loss, grief, pain, the ways we cope, and heal and resist. The exhibition is a sharing of these stories.









Abinaya kalyanasundaram
Ahmad Shaqulain
Animikh Chakrabarty
Ankit Banerjee
Arka Sinha
Deepa Shrestha
Late. Kushal Karki
Kishor Maharjan
Rejin Purja
Somya Malik

Exhibition Dates:
27 June – 16 July 2023
11 AM – 7 PM
Closed on Mondays

Venue: Patan House, Dhaugal