Elsa – an exhibition by Kishor Maharjan

Photo Circle announces the opening of Kishor Maharjan’s exhibition at Patan House.

By Kishor Maharjan
Opening: Friday, 9 Jun 2023, 5pm
Patan House, Dhaugal

Exhibition dates:
9 – 18 June 2023
11am – 7pm
*Patan House is closed on Mondays*

How do we deal with loss, individually and collectively? What does it mean to make grief public?

This exhibition is a tribute to Elsa, who passed away two years ago. It is a way for Kishor to navigate feelings of loss and grief since her passing. And a way for us to get to know Elsa, and remember her.

‘Elsa’ brings our attention to the complexities of living, creating, coping and aims to create a space for shared experiences and conversations surrounding mental health.

Join us.