Hamra Hajurama (Our Grandmothers)

15 December 2009

Where better to begin a storytelling project than with the people whom we heard our first stories from? The grandmothers who shaped our earliest worldviews exist still, even if some of these remarkable women live only in our memories while others have been overshadowed by the hurly-burly of Naya Nepal. Hamra Hajurama: Our Grandmothers is […]

Real people, real needs

20 - 24 June 2009

In collaboration with UNHCR, curated and organized a mobile exhibition titled ‘home,’ by photographer Kashish Das Shrestha that traveled to all seven Bhutanese refugee camps in Eastern Nepal in April 2009. A larger exhibition on refugee situations around the world by 9 photographers including Zalmai, Christian Als, NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati, Edwin Koo, Ashok Shakya […]

Traveling Chobi Mela V

22 - 28 May 2009

Project Freedom was designed to deliberate on ideas of ‘freedom’ through photographic and cultural exchange. It was a collaborative project with Chobi Mela, an international festival of photography held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Kutumba, a Nepali folk ensemble and was funded by the Prince Claus Fund based in the Netherlands. In November 2008, awarded travel […]


20 - 24 April 2009 successfully traveled to all seven Bhutanese Refugee camps managed by UNHCR in Jhapa and Morang with “Home” a photo exhibition by Kashish Das Shrestha from April 20th- 24th 2009. Over 10,000 camp residents visited the exhibition over five days. ALSO READ Home away from home (Nepali Times, 13 March 2009)

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