No tax elaspe by Robic Upadhayay

NO TAX ELASPE: On the last day to pay taxes, the Inland Revenue Office in Pulchowk, Lalitpur was in full swing The office was crowded and disorganized. A bottle of hand sanitizer here, few people with masks there, and not much social distancing. What was most worrisome was that the service seekers were licking their […]

Despair in Dubai by Nitu Ghale

DESPAIR IN DUBAI: In July when Dipesh Bhattarai, 21, read that Nepal will resume international flights by mid-August, he was thrilled. Bhattarai has been stuck in Dubai for the last four months on an expired visa without a job and no way to support himself. A few days ago Bhattarai’s excitement turned into disappointment when […]

Earthen Problems by Rakesh Prasad Chaudhary

EARTHEN PROBLEMS: Sobha Pandit, 60, runs a family business selling clay pots and bamboo baskets. She belongs to the Kumhar community in Jaleshwor, and the upcoming Hindu festival Teej is an important one for her business. Teej and Chauthi-Chand festivals celebrated in Mithilanchal are not complete without yoghurt set in the clay pots that Pandit’s […]

Let me earn my living by Sikuma Rai

LET ME EARN MY LIVING: On 22 March, Rama Bohara, 43, became the proud owner of a vegetable pushcart. She would take it out early in the morning and set it up in the marketplace. She had a plan–if she sold a certain amount of vegetables every day she could pay back her loans in […]

Nursing in a Pandemic by Sabrina Dangol

NURSING IN A PANDEMIC: Every evening at dusk Deepa Lama, 32, sets out from her house in Basundhara to the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu for her 12-hour shift. She is a surgical nurse at the hospital who will soon be working at the COVID-19 ward. During the three months of the nation-wide […]

Rites go on by Padam Raj Bhatta

RITES GO ON: Every evening, on the banks of Bagmati river by the Pashupatinath Temple, Navin Regmi, 25, sets up for the ‘Nitya Sandhya Aarati’, the evening Hindu ritual. The sounds of devotional Hindu music and blowing horns fill the surroundings followed by ringing bells. In the twilight evening, by the banks of the river […]

Dateline Jhapa – III by Parwat Portel

DATELINE JHAPA: “Everyone is panicking after our neighbour’s 15-year-old son got infected with the coronavirus. This is the first case of community transmission in the district. The municipality has been doing mass PCR tests. One person from each household is being tested, so I got tested. I tested negative, so I am relieved. The market […]

Dateline Jhapa – II by Parwat Portel

DATELINE JHAPA: “I am confined at home and I am eight months pregnant. I am due any day now. When there was a lockdown, I used to sneak out and go for walks, but now neighbourhoods are being sealed because of community transmission. I live in Dhulabari, and there are no hospitals here. My doctor […]

Dateline Jhapa by Parwat Portel

DATELINE JHAPA: “My 15-year-old son does not know how he got infected with the coronavirus. When the infection was confirmed, the municipality sent him to a local quarantine facility. He is asymptomatic and will only be sent to a hospital when he starts showing symptoms. As soon as the news of my son’s infection broke, […]

Bajura Flood by Kishor Maharjan

BAJURA FLOOD: It had been raining continuously for two days in Badimalika, Bajura. On 10 August 1 AM the Budiganga River, which separates the Ghagar and Rapka villages swelled and within 20 minutes, 17 houses, livestock, and large farming fields were swept away. After the flood, the land started slipping and the landslide left further […]